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Vendor Terms & Conditions
Governing Law: Choice of Venue concerning Vendors
All vendors who sell to us, past and present, by submitting their products for sale on our websites, agree that the following terms are entered into and executed in the State of Georgia. Accordingly, this Agreement shall be interpreted by the laws of the State of Georgia. In the event that either the vendor or we initiate legal action against the other as a result of dispute arising out of, or related in any way to, the sale of a specific vendors products on our websites, regardless of who initiated legal action, said legal action must be brought in the Courts of Cherokee County, Georgia - the location where the Agreement was entered into and executed by the parties hereto.

Vendors agree that Internet Shops Inc will be held harmless from any legal actions resulting from a customer's injury or property damage caused by their product.

Vendor corporations, partners, affiliated legal entities, spouses, and heirs also agree that as we endeavor to sell their product(s) we have permission to use their photos, trademarks, logo's, copyrighted materials, etc. until all product is sold. Should the vendor wish to purchase the remaining product in our inventory, it will be at full retail price plus the cost we incurred by advertising and hosting the product(s) concerned ($50.00 per day), and any legal costs we incurred. Vendor corporations, partners, affiliated legal entities, spouses, and heirs also agree that we also may use any means to sell their product in search engines with meta tags and pay per click advertising on any website which is associated with us. Vendors that own or are affilliated with companies or corporations other than the one we purchased the products from, agree that all companies or corporations they are involved with agree to these terms and conditions. Any vendor initiating a legal dispute against us will be responsible for our legal fees should the dispute be found in our favor, .

We reserve the right to remove product(s) from our sites at any time without prior notice to the vendor including paid placements (programming fees are non-refundable, we do not accept paid advertisements) for reasons such as, but not limited to, non-notification of pricing changes, non-delivery, shipping and billing discrepancies, inventory problems, etc.

In the event that orders are drop shipped, we pay only exact shipping costs from UPS, Fedex or the Postal Service. We do not pay drop ship fees.

Price changes must be submitted to us in writing 30 days prior to going into effect and signed by us confirming that we received them.

Vendors that ship inferior product, used items, refurbished items, or substitute products will not be paid until our customer receives the new product they paid for. Vendors being paid via credit card must bill for the wholesale cost plus exact shipping. We will not authorize any drop ship charges to be added.